This website has been created to document a bicycling experience that not many people undertake in their lifetime. In April of 2010, Matthew Sottile and Dawson Burke, both of northwestern Connecticut, will begin a ride taking them from the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland across the central portion of the United States to Pueblo, Colorado, and continuing up the back side of the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coast shores of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The two friends will predominantly camp throughout the 2-3 month self-supported tour, carrying all of their equipment/supplies/food with them on their bikes.  It will be the first significant ride for both, being their first tour of any kind. Though this is the first endeavor of such commitment for them, a very considerable amount of time has been given in the process of planning for the trip, as well as a substantial amount of training in preparation for the physical demands of the feat.

Almost all of the trip will involve following a mapped route, the TransAmerica Trail, which displays a route from Yorktown, Virginia to Astoria, Oregon. Mapped by the Adventure Cycling Association, the route is approximately 4,200 miles from beginning to end, passes through 10 states, and reaches a highest elevation of just over 11,500 feet. The route starting in Baltimore and ending in Cannon Beach will only vary slightly from the pre-mapped route.

Along with dedicating themselves to undertaking such a significant ride, they have also committed to fund-raising beforehand. Allowing people to sponsor their ride, they are collecting donations for the benefit of the National Coalition Against Censorship. For more information about this, please visit the Our Cause page here, or by using the menu at the top of this page.

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