05/08/2010 — River Crossing

May 10, 2010

We awoke in our tents quite cold as the temperature dropped almost 50 degrees during and after the storm – but both dry. After getting our gear packed up and back up on the road, we discussed breakfast. We decided that we weren’t going to cook anything in the morning because we didn’t want to take the time, plus it would mean that we’d be cooking twice in a day (a major waste of fuel and time). We knew there were two towns within the first 30 miles of riding to do, so we figured we’d just eat our snacks for breakfast – and then replenish them in town.

I ate almost all of the rest of my snack food, besides a half bag of trail mix which I saved for the road. We got out on the road pretty early and ran into the same wind issue as yesterday – except this time the temperature was in the mid 50s instead of the mid 90s – so that same wind which felt good yesterday was indeed making us feel quite cold this morning. Luckily, the temperature did raise up to the mid 70s by the afternoon, but the wind remained. Again we were riding straight into it, and it was slowing us down considerably, but we knew that we were close to the Ohio River (which marks our crossing into Illinois) so we pushed on ahead.

In the mid afternoon we arrived in Marrion, KY which is the last big town before the river crossing. We replenished our snacks at a gas station, and headed into McDonalds so that Dawson could have lunch, and so that I could use the WIFI to upload at least one blog from the past 5 days. We hung around in there for about an hour, and then got back on the road.

We continued on to Tower Rock Recreation Park, another 5 or so miles, and set up our camp for the night. We cooked our pasta, as we almost always do, and headed to bed.


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