05/05/2010 —

May 10, 2010

In the morning we awoke to our first full day in Central Time and started off with our breakfast – the leftover pasta we saved from last night.

We got on the road pretty early –  but not before having a pleasant interaction with the man who runs the campground with his wife. He even went as far as to offer us another nights stay on them – but we had some riding to do and graciously declined.

The riding today was similar to that of the latter half of yesterday: sections of flat connected by longer sections of rolling hills. The skies were clear and blue, without a cloud, and again it was 90s (peaking at around 94 degrees).

We cruised along through the terrain pretty quickly, and I am sad to say that the ride was a bit boring. There was nothing special to look at – and it caused the hours to blend together.

Before I knew it we were over 50 miles for the day – and we decided that we’d ride another 5-10 miles to Utica, KY since the map listed it as a town with a campground.

Once we arrived in town we checked out the listing for the town and found that there was camping available at the Utica Elementary School Park. We rode until we found it and called the listed phone number to find out that the school was closed down, but that we could still stay under the pavilion if we wanted to.

We hung out for a while, as there was a little league softball game in the fields out back, and eventually cooked & ate our dinner. After the game was over and everyone else left, we set up out sleeping bags and pads on the cement floor of the pavilion and went to sleep not long after.

On to more exciting days…


One Response to “05/05/2010 —”

  1. Dan said

    er. you didnt tell me what happened May 9th, but still reference it. hmm?

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