05/04/2010 — Floods, floods, and floods

May 8, 2010

We woke up a little late but got moving pretty quickly – we took down all of the cycling clothes that were drying on the clothesline in our room, packed up, and headed on our way.

Still in Bardstown, we stopped at a small cafe called Java Joint. Dawson had a club sandwich, and I quite enjoyed my Italian Grilled Cheese Pannini (whole wheat bread, American & Provolone cheese, tomatoes and pesto). However we were both still hungry – so we stopped at Subway also on the way out of town.

It wasn’t long before we saw our first “High Water” and “Road Closed Ahead” signs for the day. After our experience yesterday, we felt that we were old pros, so we confidently continued on through. When we finally reached the point where the water crossed the road, we were surprised to see that it was considerably more than yesterday.

Nevertheless, we took off our shoes/socks and headed out into the depths. For a while we could see the tall grass beside the shoulder sticking out from the water, but the further out that we got – the less grass was visible. At around halfway we decided we’d reached the deepest point – around waist deep in water.

Luckily we learned that due to the air in the tires and the waterproof bags – the bikes have some buoyancy in deep water – and float on the surface easily with a hand to guide them.

Unfortunately, Dawson forgot that he had his Iphone in his shorts pocket while he crossed – and ended up submerging it for close to ten minutes. Needless to say, the Iphone is no longer operating.

For a while after that we were riding without issue, but again we saw high water signs. We came out at what appeared to be a lake – but only a few days ago was a corn field.

This crossing was not as deep as the first, but was the longest section that we ended up crossing – and was still deep enough to get our upper thighs wet at the deepest points.

While the experience added some adventure to the day – it was also considerably slowing us down. Each time we had to take off our shoes, outer shorts, and if really deep, our shirts.

The day continued on like this, and even in the sections where the roads were clear, we still witnessed ridiculous amounts of flooding.

Around 5ish we came across what would end up being our last water crossing for the day. The water came up on a bridge – so we leaned our bikes and began to prepare to cross. Moments later I heard a pop from my rear tire. We decided to cross and fix the flat on the other side.

As we were coming across the waist high water, we saw two cyclists on the other “shore”. Once we got over there we spoke to them about our trip. Since it was getting late by that point, Dawson asked if they’d mind us camping in their yard. They’d mentioned that they lived not even a quarter mile from the water, and they graciously told us it would be no problem.

I fixed my flat (caused by glass on the bridge – it cut a solid two inch slit in the tire and tube) and Dawson took advantage of the situation and went for a swim in the flooded road.

Once I was all set we rode up to the house where we met up with our hosts for the night: Craig and Lisa.

We enjoyed much pleasant conversation with them, and they even ordered a pizza for us – which we all ate together, and after we headed to our tents in the lawn for sleep.

We couldn’t be more grateful to Lisa and Craig for their generosity towards us, and for allowing us the chance to get to know them a bit. Thank you.


2 Responses to “05/04/2010 — Floods, floods, and floods”

  1. Trev said

    Dude, that water looks insane!! Also the part about daws swimming with his iphone for 10 minutes actually made me chuckle outloud. Keep trucking boys!

  2. Chelsey said

    Good thing for fenders

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