04/30/2010 — Berea, Kentucky

April 30, 2010

Today we woke up at our usual time and got moving pretty quickly. Dawson already had his tent packed up and was pumping his tires when I exited my tent, so he started getting breakfast together while I pumped my tires.  We saved half of the noodles from last night so that we wouldn’t have to cook in the morning, so breakfast was quick.

After packing up we headed out on the road, which continued with the rather hilly terrain of yesterday. We were climbing for a lot of the morning, but the weather was beautiful (even a bit hot, in the high 80s  already by 11).

We stopped for a quick break after about an hour of riding, but kept up a pretty steady pace.

By mid afternoon we knew we were closing in on Berea, so we took a longer break at a gas station – enjoying some cold drinks and sugary treats.

We arrived in town by 3:30 or 4, and after locating the information/welcome center we headed to a motel to check in.

We both showered, after sweating in the mid 90 degree sun all day, and then headed out into town on foot. First we stopped at Mario’s, a local pizza place, where we split a large cheese pizza. Then we went on to check out the Berea International Festival, which just so happened to begin tonight. We walked around for a little bit but it seemed to be winding down – so we walked to the other side of town.

There we went to the Main Street Cafe for dinner #2. Dawson had a Greek Chicken Wrap and I had the veggie burger, as well as some delicious cheesecake. With quite full stomachs, we walked all the way across town as the sun set, and arrived back in our motel room for a night of restful sleep.


2 Responses to “04/30/2010 — Berea, Kentucky”

  1. Megan said

    A large pizza veggie Burger AND cheesecake! Lucky you are burning 344508866643 calories a day! Glad you had a good night, I read all your other posts too but its too overwhelming to comment them all right now. Especially because you told me most on the phone. Mark said he saw a huge rain storm in KY on the news so I hope its not too bad! Get here now! “I’m gonna let you go” slash I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Love you, call again when you get a chance!

    “Hold on there’s a sheriff!” LOL

  2. Ingrid said

    Hey Guys,
    Glad to see you are doing well. The pictures are wonderful. Make sure you get enough protein for those muscles you are building ( I know, but that’s the science teacher and the mom in me).
    Take care and keep the posts coming.
    Auntie Ingrid

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