04/27/2010 — Rainy Day #2

April 30, 2010

We awoke to see that it was raining considerably harder than it had the day before. However, the motel stay had done what we hoped, as our spirits were quite good. We ate some good food, showered, and had slept in warm, comfortable beds. Now it was time to go out into the 45 degree pouring rain for a day of fun.

We decided that since the rain was supposed to continue on into the night and then break by morning, that we would continue to follow the bigger roads instead of immedietly going back to the mapped route, so we could actual have a motel to stay in once we were done with our rain ride.

We checked out of the motel and headed out onto the road – and it was really quite an experience. It was pretty cold, and absolutely as wet as you could possibly imagine. We were riding on a highly traversed road with lots of traffic – so we used out lights to make sure we were seen – but that didn’t prevent cars and trucks from speeding past us at intense speeds – sometimes sending waves of water in our direction. This instance repeated itself over and over so much that it almost created a continuous mist around us at all times.

Despite the conditions, we had a blast riding today. We stopped for breakfast, and outside of the restaurant we spoke with a very kind older gentlemen who was quite helpful in directing us to an area that would be the perfect distance to ride to and would have the appropriate accomodations.

There were a few short breaks in the rain, but for the most part it poured all morning and early afternoon. Around 2:30 we had ridden about 33 miles for the day and were rolling into Prestonsburg, KY – where we would spend the night.

We checked into a Super 8, had some dinner at Reno’s Roadhouse, wandered Walmart, and did some light grocery shopping before heading back to the room to go to sleep. Needless to say, our wet riding clothes were hung all over the room to dry.

Again, my camera hung out in the pannier all day to stay dry – sorry.


One Response to “04/27/2010 — Rainy Day #2”

  1. Dave said

    In effort to keep sick jokes coming your way – I hear you finishing this with “sar-ray!”

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