04/26/2010 — Rainy Day #1

April 30, 2010

We woke up early as we were hoping to get packed up and out of the cemetary before anyone could come down to find us. It rained hard for much of the night, but we got a nice break in the downpour for enough time to make and eat our breakfast. However it started again while we packed up our tent and gear, and continued to rain for most of the day. We rode through a section of roads that the maps specifically listed as especially hilly and curvy, as well as ridiculously narrow and with a rough road surface. While clearly not ideal, we made our way through this section – getting quite wet as we went – and finally came back out onto State Route 80.

As we rode down this much bigger road, the rain continued to come down we eventually spotted a billboard listing a motel in Pikesville, KY 20 miles up that route. We knew that our maps told us to take a turn off before that, but we figured going out of the way was worth it since the crossing into Kentucky had been such a disappointment, coupled with the rain.

We rode that additional twenty miles down the state route until reaching Pikesville, where we checked into a motel around 3:30 PM. We ordered some pizza and just sort of vegged out for several hours before getting some sleep.

No pictures for today – I kept my camera in its case all day due to the rain.


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