04/21/2010 — “Closed For Season”

April 24, 2010

Today we woke up and rode out to a diner that was about a mile and a half down the road we were traveling on. We got our food to go and ate outside by our bikes, even though it wasn’t a gorgeous morning. It was actually a bit chilly, around 60 degrees and the sun was blocked by clouds almost all day.

We enjoyed our breakfast meals quickly and then were off riding. Today was our sixth day of riding in a row – which is the longest that we’ve gone without taking a day off – and it seemed to be taking a toll on our legs. I sort of felt like my muscles didn’t want to warm up – like it was early morning all day. It didn’t help that we were headed into a quite mountainous region. We were generally climbing in elevation all day long.

These things weren’t so much of a hinderance as much as a cause for general discomfort. Our legs were sore for most of the day, and as we were riding uphill for a majority of that time – it wasn’t the most fun.

Eventually the road we were riding on crossed an Interstate so there was a truck stop with a convenience store – so we decided to stop for lunch and snacks. We both ended up getting ice cream, in addition to the nuts and energy bars we’ve become accustomed to eating nearly all of the time. We sat out on the sidewalk and enjoyed our food while giving our legs a short rest, and were approached by a couple of truckers here and there who seemed very supportive of our trek.

In Wytheville we rode past a Post Office and I knew that Dawson wanted to mail some clothes he hadn’t worn yet back home to save weight – so we stopped in and he went inside to mail that stuff while I sat outside and said hello to probably close to 30 locals heading inside as well.

The Post Office detour didn’t really take long and we were back on the road and into our hills again. We knew that the forcast called for rain in the late afternoon, and that time was quickly approaching so we decided it’d be a good idea to figure out where we would stay. We checked out the maps and saw a campground that was about 2 miles off of our path. We headed out in that direction as the clouds collected even more.

We were disappointed to ride up to a deserted camp office to see signs reading “Closed For Season”. At this point we were already several miles off of the road, and were both ready to eat dinner and get to sleep. We decided to proceed up into the camping area anyway. We figured since it was offseason, that if we camped in a discreet area then we should be able to avoid any patrolling park rangers.

We passed several fisherman who were set up next to the lake on our way into the camping area, so we got a bit worried that they might notify the local sherrif of our presence. We rode a ways into the empty campground and found a clearing in a wooded section behind a campsite that seemed like it would most likely provide enough tree/brush cover to keep us hidden.

Even though we were mostly out of site, we figured that cooking might just draw more attention and take more time, so we ended up sharing a package of precooked rice cold. We then headed into our tents for sleep, awaiting the cover of dark to keep us hidden.


2 Responses to “04/21/2010 — “Closed For Season””

  1. Megan said

    Aren’t you the dedicated biker. Cold rice! It sounds like you are in war! I am waiting to hear about last nights adventure
    Dad called me at 7am to let me know you got a hold of Dawson, which is good to hear. I’m thinking about you : ) -MLS #1

  2. Ingrid said

    Damn poachers – Uncle Matt

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