04/20/2010 — On the map

April 20, 2010

Today we woke up a little bit late compared to our usual schedule, but we ate breakfast and got our things together so we could begin today’s adventure.

We stopped in at a gas station early so that I could buy some milk to mix my whey protein into (this new stuff is pretty gross with water; much less tolerable than the whey protein from Whole Foods) and Dawson got some snacks and juice. It was a quick stop, and we were soon learning to follow the maps for the first time.

They took us across Christiansburg through the business district, which was not unlike what we’ve been riding on. However, not too long into the ride we turned off onto a road that was really small and traffic was light – which was quite nice since we’ve been riding next to some fairly fast / steady traffic since Baltimore. The road ran parallel to a river (I’m not sure which) for a while, and I was hoping for a clearing where I could get some photographs, but no such luck.

A majority of our day was spent riding this road or roads similar to it – which was quite enjoyable. The only downside was that the pavement was a lot rougher than what we’d gotten used to – and so we sorta felt like we were riding on flats until we got used to it.

In the late afternoon we turned onto a road that was something new to us for the trip so far – a total lack of vehicle traffic and farm land on both sides for miles. It was really incredible because the landscapes in both directions were beautiful, and we didn’t need to worry about cars at all.

As 4:30 PM rolled around we knew that we were within 15 miles or so of wanting to stop for the day, so we checked out our maps to find either camping or lodging.

While the farm roads were hilly, there was one climb that really took quite a bit out of us, but we both just stopped at the top to relish the view of the farms with mountains far in the background. You can also get a hint of the clouds which were to bring some less appealing weather later on.

As we knew we were nearing the area where we would try to find a place to stay, we could see the dark clouds getting more intense, and were warned by a driver on the road of rain ahead. We kept up our pace and all of the sudden as we came over a hill,Ā  it was pouring.

It was quite a warm day so the quickly cooling temperatures actually felt pretty good, but the rain was coming down hard and we were getting wet quickly. It actually was hailing for about 30 seconds while we were riding, but it changed back to rain quick.

Our maps told us that there was no campgrounds for a while still, and since much of what we were traveling through was farmland we thought that camping in a random place might be a bad idea. We came up on a small motel as the rain was still coming down, so we decided to check in.

When I asked the very kind woman at the front desk if there were any places in the area that would deliver to the motel, she informed me that there were not, but that she would gladly drive us to a local restaurant to pick up some takeout. We did just that – we ordered some food from Troy’s Diner and she drove us over to get our food, which we enjoyed in our motel room while watching The Daily Show.

Dawson is now sleeping in his bed, which I will be doing as soon as I’m finished with this post. I’d like to say that the generosity we have been shown already is unbelievable, and it gives me a lot more faith in humankind.

On to the next adventure…


4 Responses to “04/20/2010 — On the map”

  1. jon said

    hey guys! sounds like some farm land ahead. just keep goin, and before you know it, you’ll be in the rocky mountains! haha lookin forward to that im sure. glad the goin has been fun so far. keep postin those pictures and giving us updates, and have fun!

  2. KJ said

    Hey guys! You are really meeting some wonderful people on your adventures!! It’s definitely restoring my faith in people as well! šŸ˜€ glad you are having so much fun & enjoy the flat lands and rolling hills while you can!!
    ā¤ KJ

  3. Megan said

    You are doing awesome so far! Keep on going, remember its going to take your body awhile to get used to this! I would probably only make it 5 miles per day šŸ™‚ enjoy each day – its about the trip and seeing the sights and meeting all the cool people that you have, especially butch, not how far you go each day! Can’t wait for you to be in Portland!

  4. Rose Bishop said

    Hey Matt — what a fantastic journey! Keep on riding….so much more to enjoy.

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