04/19/2010 — Christiansburg

April 20, 2010

We both awoke not long after 8 AM, and after I did some routine maintainence on my bike, we packed up and we’re on our way. We continued following Rt. 460 West towards Christiansburg so that we can pick up the TransAmerican Trail there.

The weather was beautiful – once again quite warm around 65 in the morning and then warming up to around 75 or 80 degrees by noon. The riding was fairly easy in the morning, and we crusied right along downhill and on flats. We came across a Walmart around 1 PM and decided it would be a good point to replenish our snacks and fruit, so we stopped quickly and then were back on our way.

The terrain started getting a bit more hilly as the afternoon went on, but it wasn’t anything too terrible, and we mostly just kept doing our thing. We eventually came across a man riding a tractor on the road, who gave us a heads up that Chirstiansburg was up on a mountain, and that we’d be heading into some more climbing quite soon.

With that in mind, we kept doing what we do, riding along as the elevation slowly grew. Eventually we came up to the bottom of a hill that we could tell was going to be quite big from the looks of it, but we weren’t quite sure if this was indeed the mountain or not.

This climb was definitely on par with some of the mountains we rode last week, and although the climb was shorter (around 2 miles) it was steeper than anything we’ve done so far. By the time we finally made it to the top, our legs were feeling the burn, but we saw signs for entering Christiansburg, VA.

We rode into town and stopped at a gas station for some cold drinks and a quick snack. We asked the attendant if she knew where the closest camp ground was, and she informed us that we had just passed one.

We hopped back on our bikes and headed over to the campground, and I set up the tent while Dawson started to cook our pasta. We decided that we would share my tent tonight because this place charges per tent – so we figured we’d save a few bucks.

Dawson and myself were both feeling pretty tired by the time dinner was cooked and eaten, so we packed everything up and headed in for some much needed sleep.  Tomorrow will be our first day of actually following the Adventure Cycling TransAmerica Trail maps. Wish us luck.


One Response to “04/19/2010 — Christiansburg”

  1. Megan said

    Gooooood luck!

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