04/18/2010 — Close to the Trail

April 18, 2010

Dawson and I woke up around 8 AM, and after my quick shower we walked over to the Pink Cadillac Diner that was next to our motel.

We enjoyed omelettes for breakfast, and then headed back to the room to finish packing up and head out.

We were right off of US-11 South, so we were almost instantly able to get back on our path towards Roanoke. Though the morning was a bit chilly, the wind had died down considerably from the past few days, and so we found a comfortable groove quickly.

The riding was generally flat and easy today, with most of the uphills being preceded by a downhill that could send you up at least halfway. Due to such easy terrain we made good time.

Today was definitely the best day for running into cool people on the road. Around noon I stopped to talk to a guy with a hiking backpack who was trying to hitch a ride. I didn’t catch his name, but he told me that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, and that he was trying to get a ride so he could see his girlfriend. We briefly discussed our journeys, and then on I went – I wish him the best of luck on the rest of his adventure.

Another hour down the road, we were very excited to run into other touring cyclists on the road! We saw them riding in the opposite direction, and knew we had to stop and share stories. Mary & Bob are a retired couple who have been touring on and off over many years, and are finishing up the last leg of their Transamerican trip right now.

We stopped on the side of the road and talked for a bit about ourselves and our trips – they provided a lot of advice about what we have ahead of us. We’re both definitely excited to have run into some fellow touring cyclists, and wish Mary & Bob the best of luck as they head into Atlantic Coast trip up to Maine.

Not even another hour down the road, as we were sitting next our bikes enjoying a quick lunch, another touring cyclist came up behind us and stopped to chat. Her name is Dana, and she started her TransAm trip in Washington, DC – and is headed for Astoria, Oregon. I have a feeling that we may very well run into her again along our way – but we also wish her a safe and wonderful journey.

We are quite excited to be getting very close to the actual Transamerica Trail and to be running into others who are doing the same thing. We finished up the day by heading off towards Roanoke. We arrived in town around 3:15 PM, and got some Dairy Queen.

After that, we rode further into town. We met up with Ethan Couch who goes to Roanoke College, and we walked around downtown Roanoke before enjoying a meal together at a very good Mexican Restaurant.

Now Dawson is sleeping, and I am catching up with some friends before I head to bed as well.  I hope for many more days as satisfying as this one.


5 Responses to “04/18/2010 — Close to the Trail”

  1. jon said

    haha you guys are gonna have a huge trans-Am caravan out to Oregon! have fun and keep postin tons o pics! keep pushin and good luck on the road ahead guys!

  2. Megan said

    Yes I will comment on every post.
    I ❤ Mary and Bob. Are they not camping? They seem to have way less stuff. Does he have a GPS on his handlebars? Or is it a map holder thing?
    So cool that you will be running into others on the same journey! I do believe that you and Dawson should probably purchase some matching biking outfits before the tour is through…. just saying. XOXO

  3. Wilbur said

    Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things. It’s 40 degrees, rainy and kinda boring here, just in case you’re wondering. Glad you hooked up with E. Happy Trails!

  4. Julia said

    Dana, huh? . Hahaha. Just kidding, brewski.

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