04/17/2010 — Windy, but smooth, riding

April 18, 2010

The wind was pretty intense throughout the night, and we woke to temperatures that would have been quite comfortable if not for being so windy. We were pretty chilly in the morning while eating breakfast and getting our gear all packed up, so we layered up in an attempt to break the strong winds.

Although the very very strong winds continued throughout the day, we made pretty good time. We also had no tire issues, so hopefully we’ll be good for a while. Knock on wood.

We stopped at a Walmart Super Center in Lexington, VA around lunch time, and both took turns going into the store and selecting our snack/lunch. Dawson got a can of chicken, but he didn’t end up eating that yet. He did eat some roast beef and cheese from the deli, as well as an orange. I had a banana with peanut butter, chocolate milk, a Greek yogurt, and some Jalapeno potato chips.

It wasn’t long before we were back on the road again. I feel as if we are getting noticed more and more as time goes on, as we had lots of people waving and honking to us while driving by, in a friendly way. We got lucky enough to ride down a 4 or 5 mile section that was completely downhill, and it was the first time that the wind subsided and we were really able to pick up some speed.

However, at the bottom of the hill, it went back up for about 3 or so miles, and as it was getting later in the day (around 4PM) our legs were a bit sore by the time we made it to the top. We used the Iphone to look up campgrounds in the area, and had begun to head towards one when we saw a Budget Inn. We both agreed that it didn’t hurt to go in and ask how much it was, and after hearing how cheap the room was we opted in.

The room is pretty small, is defnitely not nice, and smells like someone had been smoking in it. We figured that since Roanoke, VA is only a bit over 40 miles away from here, we can definitely get an early start tomorrow (without having to pack up tents) and get there in time to do our laundry and hang out.

We cooked our pasta for dinner out in the grass beyond the motel parking lot and enjoyed it on the bed of our room. We’ll be getting to sleep soon, and then on to the next day of adventures.

Random observations from the road: I drool when I’m really focusing in my riding. Also, I have noticed how much my tolerance for pain has gone up over the past week on the road. I end up digging my crank into my ankle or spinning my pedal into my shin at least once every couple days, and I don’t feel it anymore.


One Response to “04/17/2010 — Windy, but smooth, riding”

  1. Megan said

    I’m not even gonna comment on the drooling. Yay for cheap hotels even if they smell like smoke.and soon you will be to the college for a nice break and laundry! Hope the wind isn’t too bad! I looked at the adventure biking website today, it does say that Virginia has the most total elavation climb or something! Are you stopping at the two national Parks!? You best! Call me soon: )

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