04/16/2010 — Adventure

April 18, 2010

We got up at about 7 AM because we had to get packed up and out of the apartment by 8:30 so Trev could catch his bus to class. We said our goodbyes, and headed out on our newly planned route of riding South to Roanoke and then meeting up with the trail in Christiansburg, VA

We had a good morning, as the riding went smooth and we were making good progress. At some point close to noon Dawson got a flat while just standing over his bike while taking a short break. I took the opportunity to enjoy a snack, and went to use the restroom at the gas station we were next to. While Dawson was finishing up his flat, I decided that I was going to put air in my own tires just to make sure they were at ideal pressure. Of course, I ran into the problem with my defective tubes again, as I tried to pump above 80 PSI the stems pulled right out.

After the same thing happened with my last tube, and a failed tube-patch attempt, we realized we were about 12 miles from the closest bike shop. Daws decided that he would ride ahead to Staunton and I decided that I would walk my bike with the flat to see if I could somewhat lessen the distance he’d have to ride back. About two miles into my walk, a very nice man named Butch in a pickup truck pulled over and asked if I needed help. He offered to give me a ride into town, so I took him up on it. We even stopped at his house for a glass of iced tea so he could tell his daughter he was taking me, and on we went.

We caught up with Dawson about 2 miles outside of Staunton, VA and he told us to go on ahead to the bike shop and that he’d meet us there. After some quick confusion about the location of said bike shop, we asked a local who directed us right to it. Butch dropped me off right outside of the bike shop, and I waited a few minutes for Dawson to make it there.

This is my official thank you to Butch for his help. It would’ve been a long walk without your assistance.

Dawson picked up a few tubes, and I bought a whole slew of them so I wouldn’t run into the same issue again.
I changed the flat one out around the back of the shop, and we were back on the road around 1:30 PM – a solid delay, but it didn’t ruin our day.

The rest of the day we cruised right along, although the wind picked up quite a bit in the time that I was walking, we didn’t get any of the possible rain we saw on the weather.

We stopped at a general store for a cold drink, and asked about any camping locations. They directed us to Stoney Creek Resort, which was a nice little camping community. We were the only tent campers there, so we had the whole tent section to ourselves. We got some milk and eggs from the camp shop, and enjoyed eggs & pasta for dinner, as well as saving some hard boiled ones for the morning.

After dinner we cleaned up and then pretty much headed to our tents for much needed sleep.


3 Responses to “04/16/2010 — Adventure”

  1. Megan said

    You didn’t mention his name was BUTCH! I can’t believe there is no photo of him and his tea!
    Good job with the eggs, protein protein protein!
    The pics of the campground look pretty: ) but it ain’t no whispering pines!

  2. Annie said

    The last picture is beautiful! Love it!

  3. Angelo R. said

    What kind of camping gear did you guys use? Is that an Exped in the back?

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