04/15/2010 — Day in Harrisonburg

April 18, 2010

We decided pretty late last night that we were going to stay another day in Harrisonburg, to give our legs a rest after the mountains, and also to spend some time with Trevor. We got up early and while Trev was in class Dawson and I rode our unloaded bikes to Target to get a few things we needed. I restocked my whey protein mix, and also got a bunch of little snacks for the road. After that, we rode across town to James Madison University to meet Trev at the dining hall for lunch.
We enjoyed our lunch with Trev and his friend Alex, and when Trev went on to his final class for the day, Dawson and I went to the quad to hang out. JMU is a really beautiful campus, and we enjoyed sitting on the grass in the quad. We just hung out for a while, talking and people watching, before eventually heading to the campus post office so that I could mail a few things home.
By the time it was around 3:30, we decided to ride back in the direction of Michelle’s apartment, where we met up with her and Trev. We all just hung around in the living room for a while, snacking and talking. Dawson and Trev wanted to play some Call Of Duty, so we headed back to Trev’s apartment, and I took the opportunity to figure out our directions between Harrisonburg and where we would meet up with the Transamerica Trail.
After just a few hours of hanging around at Trev’s we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and to watch the Washington Capitals hockey game. We enjoyed our meal, and got a chance to hang out with a couple more of Trev’s friends, we headed back to Michelle’s to get some sleep.
We definitely want to convey our appreciation to Trevor and Michelle for their hospitality, and also to Ash and Shannon for not minding us in their apartment over the past two days. We’re really glad that we got to spend time with Trev as he’ll be graduating college in less than a month and will be moving on to new exciting things. We’ll miss you until next time, bud.
(No pictures for this day – I left my camera at the house and never remembered to grab it)

One Response to “04/15/2010 — Day in Harrisonburg”

  1. Megan said

    Yea yea yea you told me all aboot this on the phone! Ha looking forward to your new posts! Hope you are almost to the trail and headed towards me! NEW MOTIVATIONAL FACTOR: if you are pedalling up a mountain and you feel like you can’t go on, don’t fret… yesterday I made the best discovery, Angus in all it’s glorious 23 parts has been uploaded to YouTube! !!!!!!!! I confess I watched part one and its amazing. It is the first thing we will do when you arrive, well after Dawson leaves, we don’t want to frighten him after such a loooooooong journey. 🙂
    Keep on riding, see you “soon” ❤

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