04/14/2010 — Luray to Harrisonburg

April 14, 2010

Dawson and myself allowed ourselves to sleep in a little bit this morning, since we knew that Harrisonburg was less than 40 miles from where we stayed in Luray. We went to get our complimentary breakfast, where we enjoyed mini muffins, bagels, Corn Flakes, and orange juice. After eating, we went back to our room to perform some bike maintainence – lubed and cleaned our chains. I took a shower, and we started packing everything up.

We were finally out on the road around 11 AM, and what a beautiful day it was. Around 60 degrees when we went out, it quickly got up to the mid 70s. Within our first hour of riding we came up on our second mountain in two days. Though not as extreme as yesterday, our legs we’re still somewhat sore, so we just took our time going up.

The view going in was really beautiful, but it honestly looked a lot better looking back at it after we had a snack at the top and rode down. After riding down the back of the mountain we arrived in New Market, VA within minutes, and it was just a straight ride down US-11 South to Harrisonburg, around 18 miles from there.

This riding was quite easy compared to what we’d gotten used to – just mostly flat with some rolling hills – which was good because by the time we were rolling into Harrisonburg, our legs we’re quite sore. We found our high school friend Trevor’s apartment based on Dawson’s near flawless memory of the town – and then it was easy sailing.

The three of us got dinner at Dave’s Taverna which we enjoyed quite a bit, and went back to Trevor’s girlfriend Michelle’s apartment to relax for a while and eventually get some sleep.


5 Responses to “04/14/2010 — Luray to Harrisonburg”

  1. Henry said

    Dave’s! So good.

  2. Julia said

    I really enjoy reading these…especially the small details you include. Like everything you had for breakfast :] Also, the photos are so pretty!

    Keep on keeping on.

  3. Megan said

    That ride looked really pretty! I’m glad you had a shorter ride and got to his school easily! Are you back on the road in the morning? You are almost to the trail! Goodluck, have fun!!! ❤

  4. jon richard said

    haha i wish i could have been Trevor and seen you guys go BIKING and go see him! awesome guys keep pushin’

  5. Trev said

    hey doads! Thanks for stopping by for those two days in the “burg”. Really enjoyed your company and chilling with you guys. Be safe and give us updates!

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