04/12/2010 — Looking for our groove

April 13, 2010

We both awoke up around 7:30 AM and fairly quicky got to work cooking our breakfast – which was long grain and wild rice today. After that was finished up, we starting the process of packing up our tents and all of our gear, and also the process of getting for a full day of riding.
This includes a considerable amount of suntan lotion (I think more for me than Dawson as I’m sort of paranoid about sunburn), brushing teeth, trying to get somewhat cleaned up, and today we both stretched together for several minutes before starting out. I think we are going to begin doing this daily, as it seems like it’d be a good idea of stretch out & warm up our muscles before riding.
The campground was about 5 miles off of the road we’re riding towards Harrisonburg, so the beginning of our ride was spent just getting back on track. We stopped right as we got out to the road we were looking for so that I could pump up my tires. Unfortunately this caused quite a delay, because I found that I had bought defective tubes – which continued having the valve stem pull from the tube when pumped over 80 PSI. Dawson took the opportunity to lay in the sun while enjoying a snack, and eventually we were back on course.
The hills today were getting bigger and more common, as we will be crossing our first mountain range tomorrow. It started as a continuation of the rolling hills of yesterday, but quickly turned more extreme, as we would ride up for a while, then down just a little bit, then up even further than before. The hills just kept coming and coming. We stopped for lunch and got back on the road fairly quickly.
The afternoon ride went well, even though the constant elevation climbing was slowly taking its toll on our legs. When we came upon a hill bigger than any we have ridden thus far on the trip, we decided to stop off at the grocery store to restock, and also to rest up a bit for the hill. We got more rice and pasta, peanut butter, canned tuna, fruit (oranges and pears) and I enjoyed a Chobani Vanilla yogurt and a MuscleMilk drink before heading out again.
I felt that the evening riding was where we were most in the groove, but with the sun on its way down we were on the lookout for a place to camp. Eventually we came upon a place where the power lines went right off the road and into the woods a ways. We could tell that it would be just about the perfect place to camp, as it would be flat and cleared, as well as providing enough tree cover to keep us from being seen.
We set up camp quicky, cooked Angel Hair pasta for dinner, and headed to our respective tents for the much needed rest. Tomorrow will entail more hill climbing until we reach the mountain, which we figured out will be an approximately 1600 foot climb over seven miles of road. Wish us luck.

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