04/10/2010 — Washington, DC

April 13, 2010

Last night the very generous people who allowed us to stay in their home said that if we wanted to check out DC that we could stay another night. After brief discussion, we decided that the whole point of this trip is to experience everything that we can, and take the opportunities that are given to us. We slept a very comfortable night in their spare room (pictured below after being invaded by all of our panniers).

We woke up at around 8 AM and headed out into the city with our bikes unloaded around 9 AM, after some cereral for breakfast (provided by our very giving hosts). We just explored the city without any sort of plan, riding until we found something interesting. Some of the first things that we ran into were the Libray of Congress, the US Supreme Court, and the Capitol Building. I took a couple pictures of these, as well as the Washington Monument.

We also ran into the Cherry Blossom Festival and a parade celebrating it, which we rode across throughout the day.

We also stopped to eat at Amsterdam Falafel Shop in Adams Morgan, DC – which we found to be a really neat neighborhood. The food was really fantastic there, and I wish that I had taken some pictures of it to share, but I was so hungry that I could not wait to eat it.

We finished up the day with another directionless trip across the city, just heading wherever our bikes took us. We spent the early evening figuring out our intended route to Harrisonburg from DC, and then Paul & Jessica ( the couple we stayed with ) decided they wanted to take us out to dinner, along with their daughter Zoe. We walked from their house and ate at a fabulous restaurant that serves food authentic to El Salvador. It was called Las Placitas. The food was excellent and I highly recommend it. After dinner, we all walked back to the house, talking as we went.

We finished up the night with discussions about movies & religion, as well as watching some I Love Lucy, and a little photograph session, so here are a few pictures of the whole group of us.

I’d like to take this opportunity to really thank Paul, Jessica, and their daughters Zoe and Cleo for welcoming us into their home with such open arms, and for being such wonderful and generous people. We are both so pleased to have gotten to know you over the past day and half, and we hope that you understand how grateful we are for that fact. We can only hope to meet others like you along the way – not so much because you helped us out, but because we all got along so well and were able to connect and converse together like friends, even though we just met. You four are a part of our trip now, as you won’t be forgotten. It goes without saying that we will both miss you as we continue our journey.


One Response to “04/10/2010 — Washington, DC”

  1. KJ said

    Wow this family really is amazing! They were so kind to take you guys in…so glad you are meeting amazing people along your way!! It will only make the trip that much better šŸ˜€

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