Day 2 – Baltimore -> Annapolis

April 9, 2010

Our first day of riding was pretty amazing!  We woke up early,  ate breakfast at the hotel, and then started our adventure by riding down to the inner harbor so we could officially start at the water. Once we did that and we started out it took us a bit to really get our bearings in downtown Baltimore – a riding situation that was pretty foreign to both of us, being from such small towns. Once we figured out where we were, we started following our directions that we obtained via Google Map”s newly added bicycling directions. This ended up to be partially a mistake, because we weren’t aware that the directions switched back and forth from riding on the road to bicycle specific trails so often. There were so many turns that it didn’t take long for us to get a bit lost.  Eventually we got onto the B & A Trail ( Baltimore & Annapolis ) and we’re riding that for a while. It was gorgeous out all day, though a bit hotter than we expected. However – we apparently missed our correct turn off the trail. After going considerably past our route – we decided that we’d just continue the trail to Annapolis. Throughout our time riding this trail we met and talked to a whole bunch of fellow cyclists who were all very supportive of our undertaking.

Once we reached Annapolis, we rode around town a bit, and then tried to figure out what main road would take us back on course.  After unsuccessfully attempting to locate the road we needed, our legs feeling sore after a full day of riding, and with the ever increasing clarity of the impending rain storm – we decided we’d be better off finding somewhere to stay. We decided on camping in the woods behind a cemetery,  because it was an area that was far enough off the road that we knew that no one would bother us.  So we cooked our dinner on the side of the road, and as the rain clouds closed in, we quickly hiked a bit out into the woods behind the cemetery and set up my tent. We agreed that with a lack of time and a large clearing – using one tent would be the most efficient choice.

It was 90 degrees out when we went to sleep, and the rain on the tent was a soothing way to end the night.

( Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’m still trying to find a good balance between maintaining a good riding groove and stopping to shoot photos. )


One Response to “Day 2 – Baltimore -> Annapolis”

  1. Megan said

    I love reading the posts! It sounds like you are doing good so far!

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