The weather has been beautiful as of late so we’ve both been able to get out and do some road riding. I’m definitely glad that the winter weather cleared out and is giving us a chance to get out there and do our thing. Now the spring rain has begun, but this is most likely something we’ll be dealing with the whole way.

The next two weeks (plus a day) are going to involve finishing the final arrangements for our trip, and doing some fully packed rides to ensure that we are both comfortable with our bikes / gear.

Just a few site updates:

Finally got a chance to add Dawson’s bio and picture to the About Us page, so definitely go check that out.

Also, I got my new camera which I will be bringing along, so expect some much improved picture quality from here on out.



Bike is done!

March 10, 2010

As of about 7 pm today my bike is completely finished. I switched out the rear rack for one a bit more heavy duty – an Axiom Oddysee Tubular Rack. ¬†Other additions include front and rear lights, as well as an Italian road bike mirror. I think I’m most proud of the way the additional four front-rack mounted water bottles worked out. My dad and I worked on them for about three days to get them where they’re at now and I think it came out great.

Very excited to get some fully-packed real road riding experience before we leave.

I also am excited to announce our new date of departure is April 5th! Dawson and myself discussed this to great ends, and decided that since Easter Sunday is so close to our original intended leave date of April 1st, that it would be worth it to wait an extra four days to spend the holiday with our families before our journey begins.

I’m quite excited. I hope you are excited to witness our adventures through the pictures and journals we intend to post along the way.

Less than a month away now!!

Spring is coming!

March 7, 2010

It’s getting a lot nicer and warmer out, which means that we’ll both start riding outside again. I know I’m definitely excited about this, as riding on the trainer has started to get a bit monotonous. I’ve also begun loading up the bike to figure out how I want to arrange all of my gear on it, and will do some fully-loaded rides before we leave.